How to Build Stronger Relationships that Last

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Knowing how to effectively build relationships is an essential skill if you want to be successful and happy.    Unfortunately, everyone isn’t born with natural relationship building skills.  For some, social situations can be very intimidating and even scary.  Being vulnerable and sharing a piece of who you are with others takes courage, confidence and the willingness to be hurt.   You may be shocked as you read “willingness to be hurt” because most people don’t want to be hurt but that is a chance we take in every relationship.

3 Secret Beauty Traits All Woman Possess

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In this day and age, so much emphasis is placed on a woman’s physical beauty.  This makes a woman despise her innate gift of beauty which is given by God.  So many women and girls are traumatized by what society perceives to be beautiful; outer beauty.  The truth is every woman is beautiful, not just on the outside but in the inside where it really counts.  Every woman possesses traits that make her beautiful no matter what her outside looks like.