You Don’t Have to Try So Hard

I am free

What is Beauty?  How do we define it? Is beauty what we see in a magazine? What we see on TV?

While I am a Makeup Artist, who uses cosmetics to bring forth a woman’s natural beauty, much of my work is focused on “true beauty”, that “special something” that comes from the inside and radiates out.   This generation of women and teens are bombarded with images that tell them they must look a certain way to be beautiful and that’s nothing but a lie!

Strength in the Midst of Weakness

i am daughter

In case you were not aware, a month ago, I took a leap of faith and moved to LA to attend seminary.  Can I tell you, its been more challenging than I expected.

This week I encountered many tears as I looked at all the reading, homework and I came face to face with some of the areas I struggle with as a Christian woman.

So You Think You Know Me?


The work I do is so rewarding.  It is my heart’s desire to help women show up and shine in the spotlight of their life and business!!

WATCH MY NEW VIDEO, it was YOU that inspired me to have the courage to step into my light.  It is beauty from the inside-out that will bring the relationships, clients and abundance you deserve!