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My Experience with Innovative Technology Cosmetics (IT Cosmetics)

This week I am reviewing IT Cosmetics, you may have seen it on an infomercial like I did. The first time I saw it, I wasn’t inclined to buy but then I heard a Makeup Artist I respect talk about it so I ordered the kit for $49.99 which ended up be $60 after shipping and handling. I am going to just review the face products today and the others another day. Here’s my experience with the products.

5 Beauty Secrets to Look Amazing In The Spotlight!


These days, beauty is a part of your branding.  From your logo and web design to how you choose to show up in your headshot and YOU TUBE videos.  Over the years as a Multimedia Makeup Artist, I have learned some secrets that can help you look and feel your best, so you can reveal your brand with beauty, confidence and charisma.  It’s no secret that everywhere we show up, our brand shows ups.  No matter what the medium is, print, radio or video, let your beauty shine from the inside out.