STOP THE LIES: Your Black Is Beautiful!

Me and Kim

I just watched a movie, called “Dark Girls” on Netflix focused on the plight of dark-skinned African American girls and women.


Many memories resurfaced as I was reminded of the pain I felt from being bullied because I was “light-skinned” and the pain my sister felt who is “dark-skinned.” My bullying eventually stopped but my sister’s has continued throughout her life even into her profession. Growing-up she was constantly made to feel inferior, teased about her hair, complexion and rejected NOT because of who she was, but because of her skin.

It’s Time to Shut Up and Be Quiet!

Inside of SilenceAs business women and entrepreneurs, we often forget to the power of silence.  We get so caught up in doing life and forget about being in life.   If you are anything like me, you get burned out and lose your sense of passion and creativity around your work.  Instead of it bringing you joy, it begins to feel like work.  Personally, I hate that feeling, how about you?



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