Beauty Matters: “Discover the Art of Selfies”

IMG_1620Women are always asking me, “Dorothy-Inez, do you ever take a bad picture?”  The answer is, “Yes!”  like any other woman who has done a photoshoot, I used to go through tons of photos before I would finally   get to a “YES!”  After years of practice and thousands of photos, I can say I have mastered the Art of Selfies and being in front of the camera.  I have learned my best angles, which side I need to stand for a duo/group photo, how to use light and doing my makeup.  For many woman, taking selfies seems somewhat vain and very uncomfortable.   Younger women don’t seem to have as much of a issue with selfies as women 35+ do. I really believe it has a lot to mindset and self-image.

STOP THE LIES: Your Black Is Beautiful!

Me and Kim

I just watched a movie, called “Dark Girls” on Netflix focused on the plight of dark-skinned African American girls and women.

Many memories resurfaced as I was reminded of the pain I felt from being bullied because I was “light-skinned” and the pain my sister felt who is “dark-skinned.” My bullying eventually stopped but my sister’s has continued throughout her life even into her profession. Growing-up she was constantly made to feel inferior, teased about her hair, complexion and rejected NOT because of who she was, but because of her skin.