Did you cringe when you read my headline? Did you feel some resistance rise up when you read it? Let me tell you, you are not alone.

So many of women were raise to shrink back and hide their beauty because it was enticing to men or they were called vain for recognizing their own beauty. How many of you can remember being told not to look at yourself in the mirror and that you were conceited if you did?

Women’s History Month


The month of March is “Women’s History Month” an opportunity to recognize the contributions of women to our world.  As a new generation, this is our chance to leave a legacy as women who made a difference in our world and to the individuals we know.

This impact cannot be made if you choose to stay stuck in fear, criticism and judgement of yourself and others.  It’s time to move past all the junk.  It’s time to step up to the plate and take on the mission you were sent here to do with a spirit of boldness, confidence and love.  Stop comparing yourself to others. Who cares what they say or who is doing what you do. No one can do it like YOU do, period!  God needs more than one person on the job, plain and simple.

Starting today, I challenge you to STOP dreaming, STOP with the excuses and STOP letting fear keep you from what God created you to do.  When you get into action, that’s when joy and abundance will come your way.  That’s when you will be able to say, “I love my life!!”

It’s time to create the story that will be told about you when you’re gone…live your legacy starting today!  Don’t let your dreams die with you.