Meet Dorothy-Inez Del Tufo

“It’s about MORE than MAKEUP!  We are all divine masterpieces, created from the image of perfection – making us innately beautiful.  I am here to service the world, women in particular, in a way that heals, inspires and empowers them to reconnect to, restore and revitalize the inherent gift of being beautiful.  The makeup is simply the icing on the cake.”

Dorothy-Inez (pronounced as one-word), the “Minister of Beauty”, is an International Best-Selling Author, Inspirational Speaker, Transformational Coach and Total Beauty Expert specializing in Makeup Artistry. She is on a mission to help women revitalize their lives and business through the renewing of their mind, beauty and spirit.   Her soul-inspired message spans the globe with her book “Success In High Heels” where she shares her journey to self-love and success.  She challenges women to confidently stand in the Masterpiece they were designed to be.

She believes it is every woman’s right and responsibility to shine her divine light, beauty and purpose; by doing so she gives other women permission to be the star in their life too.

After 22 years of leading top-performing sales and service teams, she left her corporate career to pursue her own goals and dreams. This decision led to the completion of a Bachelor of Science in Communications from Regis University.

In 2010, Dorothy-Inez became a Certified Image Consultant, graduating from the London Image Institute.  Currently, she is actively pursuing a Master’s degree in Transformational Leadership at Seattle University’s School of Theology and Ministry.

Outside of business, she loves music, singing and dancing.  She says, “I was born to be a star, and so were you!”

Transform your life or business through private coaching or attending one of Dorothy-Inez’s authentic beauty workshops or seminars.  Call today at 425.998.6074 or click here to email her directly!

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Dorothy-Inez wears several different hats – Celebrity Makeup Artist, Transformational Coach, Inspirational Speaker & Best-Selling Author. Click the images below for more detailed information or contact our office at 425.998.6074.