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Awaken to Your Divine Power and Purpose

“There is nothing more powerful and inspiring than a woman who owns her truth and lives abundantly in her divine calling.” -Dorothy-Inez

Hey Beautiful One,

Thank you for choosing to stop by my place today. I am so honored to welcome you.


I am Dorothy-Inez, yes, it’s said together.


I am a Confidence and Success Coach with a passion and commitment to helping women entrepreneurs like you release fear, self-doubt, and negative thinking so they can to boldly and confidently show up and shine in their divine identity and purpose so they can have more impact, influence and income.


All my life, I  thought  I  was never enough. I  longed for the love and acceptance of  others. I  looked outside of  myself  for answers instead of trusting my soul.

Growing up I knew there was a higher calling on my life. When I first became an entrepreneur I innately knew what I was supposed to be doing but I let others direct my steps instead of the One who created me. I spent 5 years on the hamster wheel trying to make things happen.  I experienced pockets of success, but it wasn’t until I decided to listen to the God within that I found my way.

Isn’t it time for you to get of the hamster wheel?

Stop hiring business coaches who think they know what you should be doing.  Stop spending money when you aren’t confident enough to take the action needed to be the woman God called you to be.

Let me help you learn how to tap in to your own inner wisdom.  When you embody your true divinity, you will show up with boldness, power, confidence, clarity and a beauty that will attract in those you are called to serve.

You don’t need a business coach until you know the TRUTH of who you really are!

 It’s time to wake up!

Apply for a Complimentary 30-Minute Sacred Shine Session  with me. Let’s uncover who you REALLY are so you can manifest the business and life you were called to create

Success Stories

Dorothy-Inez has played an intricate role in my life. She has helped me effectively communicate my business brand and worth. Through her insights, direction on structuring my business messaging and service offerings, I am now able to clearly, concisely and confidently go into the marketplace with a business model that is understood by my ideal clients.

Teresa Springer  CEO, Seattle Fashion Week

Dorothy Inez Del Tufo is a powerful woman. After 7 years of just praying, my conversation with Dorothy Inez Del Tufo helped me to see that I needed to put my faith into action. Our call gave me the peace and clarity I needed to see that was operating out of a place of fear. Prior to our conversation I felt paralyzed, stuck, and overwhelmed.

Since working with her I developed the courage to move from Savannah to Dallas to pursue my dreams, got a better paying job, doubled my rates for my photography business and live in a beautiful space.

I highly recommend her for those who need help deciding which direction to take in life and are tired of just waiting for an answer to fall out of the sky. Thank you, Dorothy Inez, for your time and giving of your mental energy to help me figure out my purpose and how to get to it!!

Candace Perry Photographer/Graphic Designer

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I love helping women connect and create a sense of sisterhood.  My private community is a place to do just that! You will learn and journey together through business, life and spirituality in this sacred community.  Click below to join us today.

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