3 Key Qualities that Attract Opportunity

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“Opportunities and success are not something you go after necessarily but something you attract by becoming an attractive person.”  – Jim Rohn

Many clients ask me, “How do I attract opportunity?”

That’s a pretty loaded question because to me, it depends on your perspective. Are you coming from a secular or spiritual mindset? I come from a spiritual point of view. Secular thinking might prescribe taking more action to attract the things you want. For example, if you want more money, work harder. If you want to be in a relationship, get fit, look sexy and put yourself out there.

A spiritual mindset instead relies on God’s guidance to attract opportunity. I have learned that how I show up in the world either attracts or repels what I desire. My beliefs and my behavior directly impact how I attract opportunity in every area of my life. I have discovered that there are three ways of being that have the potential to attract opportunity: Confidence, mindset and beauty.

You may wonder, How are these things spiritual? Here’s my answer: It’s all about perspective. These traits are spiritually driven and come forth once you know who God created you to be.

Create Confidence 

Confidence is God’s foundation for success. It’s what allows you to attract opportunity. When you understand that you were created on purpose, with a purpose, God steps in and equips you with the talents needed to live out that purpose and attract opportunity. This truth becomes the cornerstone of your life, and through it you find the courage and confidence you need to walk in your passion.

Mind Over Matter 

Mindset is vital to find balance in your life and attract opportunity. What you believe impacts your success as well as the types of people and opportunities you attract. People pick up on confidence and mindset because these traits come through in your body language, words and actions. When you know who you are and why you are here, God grants you the ability rebuke negative self-talk. You have the power to stand in the truth of who you are with a positive mindset that will undoubtedly attract opportunity.

Believe in Beauty

Finally, when you know who you are in God and you convey confidence and a positive mindset, beauty radiates from the inside, out. You suddenly light up the room. And that inner beauty and light attract opportunity. You will find that people want to know you, be near you and even help you. Your outer beauty, then, is simply a reflection of the beauty within. How you present yourself is part of the package. Your clothing, hair, makeup and body language speak volumes about who you are before you ever say a word. How you care for yourself speaks to how you will care for others.

These three qualities: Confidence, mindset and beauty all work together to help you attract opportunity. I have spent years cultivating each of these traits–and am living proof that opportunity is just around the corner if only you empower yourself through God’s purpose for your life.

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