3 Things I Learned From Going Live

by | Mar 2, 2021 | Uncategorized

  • Have you ever been afraid of going live because you worry about people judging you?
  • Have you ever kept yourself from going live because you don’t like the way you look ?
  • Have you ever worried about not being able to know exactly what to say?

Now more than ever you need to be going live!

You can’t worry about what other people think because often times you think people are judging you, when really it’s not them judging, but you judging yourself. 

Most of the time that judgment is simply in your mind. 

Trust me, the people on the other side of the camera need to hear your message and many are actually cheering you on!!

Sis, it’s time to move beyond the thoughts of judgment. 

Those feelings of judgement begin to dissipate the more you step out. because you find that your audience actually supports you and your confidence grows.

Next, let’s address worrying about how you look. 

Yes, I get this one… what I know first hand is how you look is something you can control. 

Consider what makes you feel attractive…

Can you glam yourself up a little more?

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How about wearing clothes in your best colors that help you to feel beautiful. This is another thing in your control, It’s time to stop letting this stuff hold you back from sharing the message you were born to share. 

There are people waiting for YOU to show up!

Lastly, stop worrying about what to say.

I had to remember a lesson I learned from God. He told me NOT to worry about what to say because He would give me the words when I am aligned in my purpose.  

For almost a year, I stopped showing up in video as often because I was having issues with my short term memory.  I would go live and I forget what I wanted to say, it was embarrassing.

I’m the kind of person that speaks from my soul with NO notes and I had created a story going on about using them. It kept me from fully showing up! I had to learn when I write notes that they are coming from my heart and soul.

If I have to look down for a moment, who cares!!! (just don’t read)

I can’t express enough that there are people waiting for YOU to show up, so don’t worry about using notes, having note cards, stickies or whatever works, heck, you can even use teleprompter software!!

I want to encourage you to show up and shine BRIGHT!! 

Don’t let these things, hold you back. 

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