How many of you have heard, black don’t crack?  If you are like me, you have heard it many times no matter what race you are.  The truth is our skin ages just like any other skin, aging for us just looks different.

Darker skin tones tend to be oily which can help skin stand the test of time — skin cell turnover is 2.5 times faster than that of lighter skin — and faster cell turnover helps reveal younger, healthier-looking skin.  Additionally, Those with dark or deep skin tones have a high concentration of melanin, which offers some natural protection against sunburn and other visible signs of UV damage like wrinkles.   All of that being said, it doesn’t mean you are exempt from needing sun protection and a good skin care regimen.

Many black women are not taught good skin care in their home as young girls so as a result, I tend to see a lot of rough bumpy skin, dry and flakiness, oiliness or acne.  You might be thinking, well everyone has that, and you are right, however, I tend to see those most often in black women because of poor skin care.

Often times women are using products like Dove or Black soap. Then they are using body lotion to moisturize or no moisturizer at all because they say, “I am too oily.”  Let me share a key tip here, oil is your friend.  Oil does two things, one it is a protective barrier for your skin, it keep the bad stuff out and second, it helps your skin stay young-looking longer.

When you wash your face with soap you deplete the skin of its natural oils. When the oil is not replaced, the skin goes into emergency mode and overproduces oil because remember it is the skin’s protective barrier.  If you are oily, use in oil free moisturizer to provide your skin hydration, which is water, not oil.  This well help balance out your skins oil production.  Using Sodium Laurel Sulphate, the main ingredient in soap can irritate and dry the skin out which is how I can always tell a face that is being exposed to soap as its cleanser.  It will often reveal, dry bumpy skin.

I could go on and on about what I see but I won’t, I am going to get into some solutions.  Having great skin helps a woman look and feel confident, and it helps her makeup look flawless.   If you have bad skin, all the makeup in the world can’t fix it.  It all starts with great skin.  Here are FIVE tips to help you have the best skin of your life:

  1. Have a good daily skin care regimen that you follow morning and night.  In the morning you are washing off bacteria that may have come from your bedding and from sweating throughout the night.  At night you are washing away the daily pollutants, dirt, bacteria and make up from that today’s journey.  Never sleep with your make up on,  that is your skin’s time to rejuvenate and absorb any good stuff you are feeding it;  this is why serums are used at night and not during the day.
  2. Wear sunscreen.   You don’t have to be sunbathing to need sunscreen. I see many black women with hyper-pigmentation often on one side of their face because they are being exposed to the sun when they drive. I recommend using in SPF25-30.  This can be found in your daytime moisturizer or your foundation.  Please note that, even though you often cannot see sun damage on your skin, it is happening.  Many may call it freckles but freckles come from exposure to the sun.  I never had “freckles” until I got into my 40′s.  Additionally, recent studies are showing that women of color are becoming susceptible to skin cancer.
  3. Exfoliate two or three times per week to ensure a reasonable amount of skin cell turnover.  Regular exfoliation will minimize dry bumpy looking skin.  Your products will absorb easier and your make up will look fabulous.  You an use a scrub or tool like the Redefine Macro Exfoliator  that removes 80,000 dead skin cells per treatment.
  4. Do not use alcohol based products on your skin and as they are drying. Be sure to look at the ingredients of the products you are putting on your face. The active ingredients should be in the top five on the list.  You may find a product claiming to be a vitamin C treatment only to find out that vitamin C is the last ingredient on the list because the ingredients are listed in the order of the amount contained in the product.
  5. Wear foundation or BB cream dailyFoundation/BB cream act as an additional layer of protection from free radicals and typically has a sun protection in it.  Also, these products evens out your skin tone leaving you with a flawless looking complexion.  Wearing a foundation or BB cream can even make you look younger because it evens out any discoloration especially under the eyes.

Bonus tip Drinks lots of water 64 oz or more to detox the body and hydrate the skin.

I hope you found this information helpful.  I would love to help you have the best skin of your life.  Each month I have openings for Complimentary 15-minute consultations ($49 Value).  During these consultations we briefly discuss your skin care issues and come up with a solution.  They are pressure-free and informative.  Take my free skin care analysis here.