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Thank you for choosing to stop by my place today.  I am so honored to welcome you.

I am the Confidence Coach for purpose-driven, female solopreneurs ready to show up and shine from the inside-out!  I am passionate about and committed to helping you experience an awakening that empowers you to boldly and confidently show up and shine! 

For over a decade, I have dedicated my life to empowering women just like you to release fear, self-doubt and negative ways of thinking/being through the transformational power of spiritual identity, personal growth, self-love, beauty and mentorship.

I was on the Run

After years of running away from the spiritual call on my own life, I came to realize its part of what God sent me here to do. Now was time to own it!

I was tired of hiring business coaches and getting no results!  I was tired of doing what everyone but God said I should do with life and business.  I knew from day one I was to be a spiritual mentor and inspiration to women but I was afraid of rejection. Because of my abandonment issues as a little girl, rejection was a huge fear. I wondered,  who the hell is going to pay for spiritual transformation God?

I discovered a lot of women will pay for it because we are awakening to the fact that we can not do this without source energy to guide us. This mission and purpose is not our own.  It was given to us and the only way to carry it out right is to tap in and stay connected to who we really are…pure spirit.

I  was Born To  Make Shift  Happen!

Sister, I was born to be a catalyst for women like you who are ready to uncover the truth and shine their own divine identity and purpose.

I believe it is only when we realize our oneness with God will we be able to fully experience the “Greater” Jesus said we would do on this earth.

When you awaken to this truth, your confidence and business will shift!  You will no longer allow yourself to be invisible, you won’t worry about the judgement of others, you will boldly step into your unique calling, own your voice and truly be the woman you were called to be.

My clients are creating and developing businesses based on their divine gifts and talents, they are leaving relationships & jobs that no longer serve them, they are gaining the clarity needed to attract their ideal clients and increase their income, they are leaving jobs they hate, they are becoming International Best-selling Authors, increasing their rates and online visibility with videos.

Don’t  you  Dare  Hire  another Business Coach!

Let me say this, you don’t need another business coach until you discover the TRUTH of who you are so you can unapologetically claim your God-promised abundance.

Until you do this work you will keep having pockets of success or none at all.  You need courage, confidence and clarity before you can experience all the blessing that are there for your taking.

It’s a NEW day!  Its time to unlock and walk in the power of your true identity so you can boldly shine like the star God created you to be!

Success Stories

Dorothy-Inez is the best coach I've ever met! If you feel stagnant in your business or in your life just one intensive with her will shift your mind from "how can I do this? ", to an incredible confidence that knows you can achieve your business goals!

- J’ahmad Kelly, Empowerment Coach

I highly recommend working with Dorothy-Inez. She's knowledgeable beyond words - she sees you and your gifts - even if you don't.She believes in you - even if you don't. She's patient, kind, loving and provides the tough love coaching that she promised and holds you accountable to show up.

- Dortha Hise, CEO, Pretty Smart Virtual Services

Dorothy-Inez is a passionate and genuine coach with an all around real approach which serves as a rare gem these days.

-Kierra Jones, The Shine Strategist

Let's Get to Know Each Other

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