Beauty Matters: “Discover the Art of Selfies”

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Women are always asking me, “Dorothy-Inez, do you ever take a bad picture?”  The answer is, “Yes!”  like any other woman who has done a photoshoot, I used to go through tons of photos before I would finally   get to a “YES!”  After years of practice and thousands of photos, I can say I have mastered the Art of Selfies and being in front of the camera.  I have learned my best angles, which side I need to stand for a duo/group photo, how to use light and doing my makeup.  For many women, taking selfies seems some what vain and very uncomfortable.   Younger women don’t seem to have as much of a issue with selfies as women 35+ do. I really believe it has a lot to do with mindset and self-image.

As we get older, we become more critical and self-conscious.  Things just aren’t where they used to be so we become very uncomfortable in our skin.  This self criticism is often projected onto other women who feel great about themselves or think they look good one day and decides to share it.  What’s wrong with that?  It’s time to own your beauty!

Don’t get me wrong,  there is something to be said for women who constantly post pictures of themselves because, “yes” I know for a fact there is something deeper going on for some of those women but for the purpose of this message, I am speaking to women with a healthy self-image but they are holding back because they are afraid of being judged or they hold some limiting beliefs about beauty for themselves and others.

If you are an entrepreneur, speaker, author OR coach, you could be missing out on opportunities to connect with your audience.  If used appropriately, selfies can become a tool for branding and most of all CONNECTING.  People love to see YOU.  My experience tells me that I can post positive quotes all day long and get a few likes, BUT if I post a picture of myself the amount of likes doubles.  Why???  What that says, is people want to see/know me.  It is called FACEBOOK right? So why not show your face in YOUR community?  It’s like coming to a party with a bag over your head. Let people see YOU.

Selfies allow you to express yourself in different ways by showing your fashion sense, lifestyle, you in action and having fun with friends at an event or outing. No you don’t have to post your whole life, but share pieces of who you are with those that have “chosen” to be a part of your online community.  If you are the brand, selfies can be very valuable.  I am a Beauty Expert and Transformational Coach, so it only makes sense that when I show up online that I am the billboard for my work.  The same goes for you!  If you are a Wealth Coach but your profile photo shows you with outdated style and beauty, I cannot help but question the credibility of your brand.  Selfies allow you to keep your look current.  When you take a selfie, it should be created with your brand in mind so it speaks YOUR message when you post it.  You don’t want to post selfies just to post them….THAT can be considered vain and leave a negative perception.


Below are some tips I know will help you create beautiful photos that you can use for beautiful profile pictures and in your online marketing.

  1. Make sure you have good lighting. Before you snap that photo, hold your camera up in position and do a 360 degree circle to see where your best lighting it.  It will yield a lovely more younger you.  (smile)
  2. Hold the camera at about 45 degrees above your head, it helps you look slimmer and its an attractive angle.  I recommend investing in a selfie stick.  You can get one for $19.99 on Amazon that comes with a bluetooth clicker so you don’t have to worry about clicking the shutter yourself.  If you don’t want a selfie stick, you can use the timer on your phone and it will automatically click.
  3.  Make sure your hair and makeup are presentable if you are going to an event, pictures WILL be taken so be camera ready.  Unfortunately, if you wear too little makeup for photos, you will look like a blank canvas when the flash hits your face.  Wear a little extra blush, deeper lipstick and use a hydrating setting spray when you know you will be in photos.  MAKE SURE YOU BLEND….no “apple” cheeks please.

4.   Practice! Practice! Practice!  Get in front of a mirror!  Yes, it sounds crazy, I know but learn your facial features, best angles and how to SMILE. Learn not to over smile…find your most inviting smile.  As you become familiar with your UNIQUE BEAUTY you will take an awesome photo in only a couple of takes, I promise.

5.   My final tip is specifically for PROFILE PICS…your profile pic is your chance to make a great FIRST IMPRESSION.  Here are some Profile Pic Dont’s: Don’t look to the ground or side.  Don’t post pics of you with other people. Don’t post animals or cartoon characters. Don’t post OUTDATED pictures.   Don’t wear sunglasses.


All of the above “dont’s” can have a negative impact on your brand credibility and trust. 

“Profile pictures can cost you thousands in potential clients.” – Dorothy-Inez  

As an Image Consultant, the first thing I look at when someone sends me a Friend Request, the first thing I do is look at their pictures; current/past because they tell a story.  Pictures are worth a thousand words so make sure your photos are saying what you want them to say about you and your brand.

I hope you found these tips helpful.  Trust me, there’ s more!  I wanted to help get you started today!  This is one of the areas I train my clients around so they are empowered and confident enough to create some of their own branded photos without having to hire a photographer all the time.

You have a tool in the palm of your hand and a gift from God called beauty.   It’s time to use both to connect with the clients you are called to serve.



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