5 Reasons Failure is Your Friend

5 Reasons Failure is Your Friend

Why are so many woman paralyzed by failure?  Why do they let it keep them from pursuing their dreams?  I want to share “5 Reasons Why Failure is Your Friend” so you can use it to empower not defeat you.

Over the years, I’ve had a lot of failures.  I’ve gone through difficulties in my life and what I can say for sure, is I am better because of each and every one of them.  I have come to think of “failures” as learning opportunities.  If you are a woman who struggles with failure or fear of failure, I hope to shift your thinking around it so you can embrace it as a friend and great teacher.

Let’s take a look a the 5 Reasons Why Failure is Your Friend:

# 1 Failure teaches you what success can’t.

People that automatically walk into success often miss out on a lot of lessons that those of us who fail have the opportunity to learn. People who have failures learn about conflict resolution, strategies and what their clients need and don’t need. These are some of the lessons you can learn from failure, that you may not get when you have immediate success. I have noticed those who gain immediate success often get stuck when they do fail, so there is another side to that as well.

# 2 Failure causes you to be more creative and more Innovative.

Who would have thought “failure” causes you to think outside of the box?  When something doesn’t work your mind immediately goes to….. “What can I do to make this work?”…. this questions leads us into creativity, innovation and that’s another reason that failure is your friend.

# 3 Failure gives you insight as to what works and what doesn’t work with your clients.

Failure helps you learn what your clients don’t want and this goes back to reason. number two.  Failure takes you back into your creativity mode. You may decide to survey your people to find out what they want to learn from you. These are insights you wouldn’t otherwise have if you had immediate success without doing some of the backend work. You might have the success right up front, but if you don’t do some of the backend work that those of us who have had the failures do, you may find yourself after that first launch going back to the drawing board.

# 4 Failure is your friend because it helps you grow personally and professionally.

Some failures are very tough, but in the end, you are a whole new person depending on how deep it is. Those failures also cause you to stretch. They may cause you to enhance your marketing skills or shift your mindset. They give you growth not only personally but professionally to help you grow as a coach, as an entrepreneur and just as a woman in general. To me, business and personal go hand-in-hand because the lessons that you learn you here can be used in both aspects of your life.

# 5 Failure is your friend because the more you fail or get a “NO”, the closer you get to the win.

The more no’s you get on those discovery calls, the closer you are getting to your “Yes”. I’m sure you have heard of Colonel Sanders story.   How many people did he have to talk to before someone said, “Yes.” to that delicious fried chicken that we all know? All of us must go through a bunch of no’s before we hear our first “Yes”. I had to go through a whole bunch of them to get to where I am today. It hasn’t been easy but it’s one of the most beautiful journeys any of us could embark on. It leads us to a place of joy, a place that we will love being for the rest of our lives; a place that allows us to serve.

These failures can be the catalyst that transform your life. Sometimes failure, your family, and those naysayers can be just the thing you need to light a fire under your butt because you want to win! You don’t want those people who say, “You can’t do” it to be right.

You are a winner!  Learn to use failure as a partner, learn to use failure as a catalyst for you and learn to use it as a tool to help you grow your business personally and professionally.

I hope today you will begin to see failure in your life as a way for you to grow and see it as your friend.

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3 Key Qualities that Attract Opportunity

3 Key Qualities that Attract Opportunity


“Opportunities and success are not something you go after necessarily but something you attract by becoming an attractive person.”  – Jim Rohn

Many clients ask me, “How do I attract opportunity?”

That’s a pretty loaded question because to me, it depends on your perspective. Are you coming from a secular or spiritual mindset? I come from a spiritual point of view. Secular thinking might prescribe taking more action to attract the things you want. For example, if you want more money, work harder. If you want to be in a relationship, get fit, look sexy and put yourself out there.

A spiritual mindset instead relies on God’s guidance to attract opportunity. I have learned that how I show up in the world either attracts or repels what I desire. My beliefs and my behavior directly impact how I attract opportunity in every area of my life. I have discovered that there are three ways of being that have the potential to attract opportunity: Confidence, mindset and beauty.

You may wonder, How are these things spiritual? Here’s my answer: It’s all about perspective. These traits are spiritually driven and come forth once you know who God created you to be.

Create Confidence 

Confidence is God’s foundation for success. It’s what allows you to attract opportunity. When you understand that you were created on purpose, with a purpose, God steps in and equips you with the talents needed to live out that purpose and attract opportunity. This truth becomes the cornerstone of your life, and through it you find the courage and confidence you need to walk in your passion.

Mind Over Matter 

Mindset is vital to find balance in your life and attract opportunity. What you believe impacts your success as well as the types of people and opportunities you attract. People pick up on confidence and mindset because these traits come through in your body language, words and actions. When you know who you are and why you are here, God grants you the ability rebuke negative self-talk. You have the power to stand in the truth of who you are with a positive mindset that will undoubtedly attract opportunity.

Believe in Beauty

Finally, when you know who you are in God and you convey confidence and a positive mindset, beauty radiates from the inside, out. You suddenly light up the room. And that inner beauty and light attract opportunity. You will find that people want to know you, be near you and even help you. Your outer beauty, then, is simply a reflection of the beauty within. How you present yourself is part of the package. Your clothing, hair, makeup and body language speak volumes about who you are before you ever say a word. How you care for yourself speaks to how you will care for others.

These three qualities: Confidence, mindset and beauty all work together to help you attract opportunity. I have spent years cultivating each of these traits–and am living proof that opportunity is just around the corner if only you empower yourself through God’s purpose for your life.

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Work Smarter: 5 Hacks to Master Your Time & Productivity

Work Smarter: 5 Hacks to Master Your Time & Productivity

Are you like me and wonder where your time is going?  Do you find yourself asking, “What did I do today?”  I am growing my coaching business while being a full-time grad student, as you can imagine, it has its challenges.  You may be a Mom trying to grow you business and you’re wondering how you can better manage your time.  Well, I am here to share some hacks that have been working for me.

I hope these hacks will help you become the master of your time, so you can increase your productivity.  It’s time you start working smarter not harder.  I am certain that you became an entrepreneur so you could be charge of your schedule; not your schedule in charge of you.

Managing your time isn’t about squeezing in as many tasks into your day as possible.  It’s about simplifying how you work, doing things faster, and relieving stress so you have time for the things that matter most to you.

When you master your time, you will discover — there really are enough hours in a day for everything you’d like to do, but it may take a bit of rearranging and re-imagining to find them.




1.  Create Your List of Tasks the Night Before

When you create your list of tasks the night before, it helps you wake up more focused and it releases your mind from any stress around what you need to do the next day so you can get a good nights sleep.  This is a really great practice if you struggle with insomnia due to work.

2.  Batch Your Tasks

Each morning take a look at your list; instead of doing your work in whatever order you feel, group like tasks and do them consecutively.  Different tasks demand different types of thinking, so batching allows your mind to flow with its current zone rather than switching unnecessarily to something that’s going to require you to re-orient.

3.  Learn to Say “No”

Do you struggle with “FOMO”, fear of missing out?  You are not alone.  This syndrome can keep you from achieving business tasks that need to get done.  To be an effective steward of your time, you will need to practice saying, “No,” to certain networking events, radio interviews, projects or personal events.  In order to do this, you must ask yourself if this event is going to lead you closer or further away from your goals.  If the answer is no, YOU must say, “No” to the event and stay focused.

4.  Get organized and create a daily routine.

This was one of my biggest areas of breakthrough around time management.  I had no systems in place which left me feeling overwhelmed and stressed because I was not getting a lot done.

Finally, with the help of my mastermind group, I got a grip on my time by creating a daily checklist of task.  The list is made up of tasks that must be done everyday to keep my my business on track.  I typed up the list and placed it in a plastic sheet cover.  I use a dry erase marker each day to check off the tasks as I complete them.  This has really helped keep me focused and on track.

5.  Use a timer.

This is another powerful technique for mastering your time.  I highly recommend assigning times to each of your tasks groupings.  When you start the tasks, set your timer to go off when the time is up.  You can use your smart phone timer, a kitchen timer or a timer app like Be Focused.  I actually find this to be a fun way to work on my tasks.  I encourage you to try it out.

Let Me Hear From You.

I would love to hear which of these hacks worked best for you.  Also, if you are a high achieving God-centered entrepreneur, I would love to invite you to join me in my private Facebook Community.


Why Do You Worry? You Have Everything You Need

I was reading my book called “The Voice of The Master” it's one of my favorite contemplative books. It helps me really connect with God. Tonight, I was reading from it and thought I would share some thoughts about worry.  I really want you to get down in your spirit...

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Why Do You Worry? You Have Everything You Need

Why Do You Worry? You Have Everything You Need

I was reading my book called “The Voice of The Master” it’s one of my favorite contemplative books. It helps me really connect with God. Tonight, I was reading from it and thought I would share some thoughts about worry.  I really want you to get down in your spirit that you’re complete just as you are; you have everything you need inside and around you. If you don’t mind, I would like to share a portion of what I read, it really inspired me.

I believe the author heard these prophetic words from God during her quiet time this section is called “Completeness”:

“As eternity is without beginning and without ending, so am I, the one within you, all knowledge is within, all love, all truth, all richness. Why do men live in dwell and darkness when by turning inward in a moment of stillness, they can find waiting for their use the glory of a life complete? Why do they struggle to demonstrate that which they already have? Does a man having a large vineyard run up and down the highway seeking a vendor for grapes? If you will but look into the Father’s face saying, Father I thank you for who you are and because you are all I need, my every need is met in my outer world.  

As I contemplate thy faithfulness of being, knowing that I am a child of the loving Father, I too have all that the Father has.  I the Father within you reflect my fullness, my completeness, my perfection through you, my human vessel of expression. You need fear no lack, no disease or distress of any kind. You need only to  love, praise and give thanks and your life shall be a harmony of all that is lovely.”

How often do you go through your days, worried and stressed out about how you’re going to make it as an entrepreneur. You may worry about how you’re going to get customers, think that you’re not good enough or that you’ve got too much competition. God says, But if you would just go within.  If you go within through the power of mediation, you come to know the truth of who you really are.

Meditation is one of the areas we have been working on in my private community since the Self-Love Challenge last week.  Meditation is an opportunity for us to connect with God through the power of the Holy Spirit who is dwelling within us. One of the most beautiful awakenings I recently experienced was around Adam and Eve in the Book of Genesis.  I realized that it never mentions Adam and Eve looking for God. It shares that God came looking for them.   Each and every day He went into the garden looking to connect with them. God is the same yesterday, today and forever.  Every day He waits for you to show up, and come into the garden of your heart, where He can connect with you and share His heavenly secrets.

I want to encourage you and let you know that you have everything you need.  You are perfect, whole and complete just as you are and whatever you’re going through, right now, is here to teach you something and help you grow into that next level of glory in your life.  I want to encourage you to not give up, and know that God sees you, hears you and waits for you everyday.   Take five to ten minutes a day to thank him for the life that he’s given you and the breath that you take each and every day.  If you look around, there’s so much that you can be grateful for today.

I hope you’re encouraged. Thank you for reading and tuning in.

Watch this video I recently recorded, “Do You Worry?  You Have Everything You Need”.. I hope it encourages you.


Share your biggest take away from this post.

Why do you worry? You have everything you need.

Posted by Dorothy-Inez Del Tufo on Tuesday, February 7, 2017


SPOTLIGHT ON SUCCESS: Living Life On Her Own Terms

SPOTLIGHT ON SUCCESS: Living Life On Her Own Terms


Meet Kierra Jones, she is an Empowerment & Success Coach & Speaker to ambitious & passion driven women entrepreneurs who want to confidently & successfully shine in business.

After a successful, but demanding corporate career, Kierra realized she needed to re-empower herself to live life on her own terms & re-define what success meant to her. She now combines her corporate skill set with her passion for mindset, women empowerment, entrepreneurship, & success planning, running two businesses full time dedicated to helping women shine inside out.


I’m a first generation college graduate from NJ raised by a single mother. Since a young age I’ve had a bold personality & followed the beat of my own drum (hence why my grandmother nicknamed me “Miss Missy”! Once I got to middle school, I started to gain weight & I started having tons of self-esteem & body image issues. This impacted my self -confidence & how what I thought about myself & my abilities or lack thereof.  Slowly, I started to rebuild my image of myself. First, through style then through the opportunities I sought out and the drive I had to win.

However, this followed me in my successful but demanding corporate career and even as an entrepreneur because I was afraid to step out of my comfort zone. I was afraid to put myself out there.  However, the moment I did; I started to grow personally & professionally.  Today, I empower women to strengthen their inner conversation about themselves & their abilities so they can be as successful as they dream to be.


What I love most about my work is impacting not only the lives of others, but re-empowering them to love & see themselves on a deeper level so they can truly shine in their gift. Helping them see the beauty in who they are & their “shine powers” so they can unapologetically and confidently shine in their gift.


My past, present, and future self inspire me. My past because I know the woman I used to be, the way I spoke to myself, the limits I set in my life, and the beliefs I had that sabotaged me from my success. And now, I see the power of getting out of my own way. But the person who inspires me most, is my future self. Because I know where I am going now that I chose to completely become exactly who I am supposed to be and stop fighting it and it pushes me to continue sharing my story, sharing my gift, and impacting the lives of others.


My favorite part about being an entrepreneur is the freedom! Freedom of creativity, how I utilize my time, who I allow in my circle & work with, location, and financially.


The biggest lesson I’ve learned about myself as an entrepreneur is I’m a control freak. Which I kind of already knew, but it’s real now. As the CEO (Chief Empowerment Officer) of my businesses, I have to manage my time but I’m also so passionate about what I do. So I enjoyed doing some tasks that I know I need to release to my team. #WorkInProgress


I have a very intimate & spiritual relationship with God. It is the foundation of my belief in myself, my abilities, and of that of which I cannot yet see, but I feel so deeply in my heart. Whatever one’s beliefs, I believe that you have to feel deep down in your soul all which you are worthy of & know you have a gift unique to you so shine in it!


I had two big challenges when I first started. Since I built my first business while full time at my corporate job, time was a challenge. However, the bigger challenge the bigger my belief was that I could be successful & actually live in my passion. The two tie together so much because by me not fulling believing & committing myself, I really was “playing in business” because I didn’t believe I could really do it so I didn’t make the time necessary to get it done.


I recommend anyone wanting to become an entrepreneur as herself several questions: Do you really want this? How much? Why? Do you believe you can do it on your own or would you rather have support to save you time, frustration, and lack of direction?  Belief in yourself and mission is key.  The moment I started to believe was the moment I invested because my dream, my happiness, the legacy I wanted to create for myself, my life, and my family was bigger than this fear. It was do or die, I felt this, and not investing was more scary then doing it.


I want women to know they deserve to shine!


My favorite person to have conversations with is myself!! And yes I answer back.


Learn more about Kierra on Facebook at  Kierra Jones & Co & The KJones Collection on Instagram at kierrajonesco & thekjonescollection.

You can also visit her websites www.KierraJones.com and www.TheKJonesCollection.com


5 Inspirational Quotes that Will Transform Your Business

5 Inspirational Quotes that Will Transform Your Business

What is inspiration? Why does it have the ability to make us cry or reach our goals? Inspiration, is the one thing I cannot live without. The word inspiration comes from being “in spirit”. When we are “in spirit” we have the ability to feel more compassion for others and their stories touch us so deeply that for an instant we tap into who we really are; Spirit.

One may wonder “What does spirit have to do with business?” My answer is everything; because that’s what you really are, pure spirit. When you feel inspired you are connected to others and your true self. As an entrepreneur, it helps you attract your ideal clients and colleagues, it helps you feel joy and peace. In addition, inspiration helps you keep going when you feel you have nothing more to give.

Below are 5 quotes that will transform business because they will first transform your mind.

1. When you need to overcome fear:

“Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear — not absence of fear.” Mark Twain

2. When you feel you aren’t good enough:

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” Eleanor Roosevelt

3. When you have the fear of stepping into something new:

“Don’t be afraid to give up the good to go for the great.” John D. Rockefeller

4. When you feel like you don’t have the strength to go on:

“Successful people do what unsuccessful people are not willing to do. Don’t wish it were easier; wish you were better.” Jim Rohn

5. When you feel stuck and don’t know what to do:

“You get in life what you have the courage to ask for.” Nancy D. Solomon

Remember, everything first starts with a thought. Be a good steward of your mind and what you allow yourself to meditate on because you are called to meditate on whatsoever is good, pure and of good report. Your mind is a sacred place. Let me know which quote you touched you most below.

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5 Skin Care Tips for Black Women

5 Skin Care Tips for Black Women

How many of you have heard, black don’t crack?  If you are like me, you have heard it many times no matter what race you are.  The truth is our skin ages just like any other skin, aging for us just looks different.

Darker skin tones tend to be oily which can help skin stand the test of time — skin cell turnover is 2.5 times faster than that of lighter skin — and faster cell turnover helps reveal younger, healthier-looking skin.  Additionally, Those with dark or deep skin tones have a high concentration of melanin, which offers some natural protection against sunburn and other visible signs of UV damage like wrinkles.   All of that being said, it doesn’t mean you are exempt from needing sun protection and a good skin care regimen.

Many black women are not taught good skin care in their home as young girls so as a result, I tend to see a lot of rough bumpy skin, dry and flakiness, oiliness or acne.  You might be thinking, well everyone has that, and you are right, however, I tend to see those most often in black women because of poor skin care.

Often times women are using products like Dove or Black soap. Then they are using body lotion to moisturize or no moisturizer at all because they say, “I am too oily.”  Let me share a key tip here, oil is your friend.  Oil does two things, one it is a protective barrier for your skin, it keep the bad stuff out and second, it helps your skin stay young-looking longer.

When you wash your face with soap you deplete the skin of its natural oils. When the oil is not replaced, the skin goes into emergency mode and overproduces oil because remember it is the skin’s protective barrier.  If you are oily, use in oil free moisturizer to provide your skin hydration, which is water, not oil.  This well help balance out your skins oil production.  Using Sodium Laurel Sulphate, the main ingredient in soap can irritate and dry the skin out which is how I can always tell a face that is being exposed to soap as its cleanser.  It will often reveal, dry bumpy skin.

I could go on and on about what I see but I won’t, I am going to get into some solutions.  Having great skin helps a woman look and feel confident, and it helps her makeup look flawless.   If you have bad skin, all the makeup in the world can’t fix it.  It all starts with great skin.  Here are FIVE tips to help you have the best skin of your life:

  1. Have a good daily skin care regimen that you follow morning and night.  In the morning you are washing off bacteria that may have come from your bedding and from sweating throughout the night.  At night you are washing away the daily pollutants, dirt, bacteria and make up from that today’s journey.  Never sleep with your make up on,  that is your skin’s time to rejuvenate and absorb any good stuff you are feeding it;  this is why serums are used at night and not during the day.
  2. Wear sunscreen.   You don’t have to be sunbathing to need sunscreen. I see many black women with hyper-pigmentation often on one side of their face because they are being exposed to the sun when they drive. I recommend using in SPF25-30.  This can be found in your daytime moisturizer or your foundation.  Please note that, even though you often cannot see sun damage on your skin, it is happening.  Many may call it freckles but freckles come from exposure to the sun.  I never had “freckles” until I got into my 40′s.  Additionally, recent studies are showing that women of color are becoming susceptible to skin cancer.
  3. Exfoliate two or three times per week to ensure a reasonable amount of skin cell turnover.  Regular exfoliation will minimize dry bumpy looking skin.  Your products will absorb easier and your make up will look fabulous.  You an use a scrub or tool like the Redefine Macro Exfoliator  that removes 80,000 dead skin cells per treatment.
  4. Do not use alcohol based products on your skin and as they are drying. Be sure to look at the ingredients of the products you are putting on your face. The active ingredients should be in the top five on the list.  You may find a product claiming to be a vitamin C treatment only to find out that vitamin C is the last ingredient on the list because the ingredients are listed in the order of the amount contained in the product.
  5. Wear foundation or BB cream dailyFoundation/BB cream act as an additional layer of protection from free radicals and typically has a sun protection in it.  Also, these products evens out your skin tone leaving you with a flawless looking complexion.  Wearing a foundation or BB cream can even make you look younger because it evens out any discoloration especially under the eyes.

Bonus tip Drinks lots of water 64 oz or more to detox the body and hydrate the skin.

I hope you found this information helpful.  I would love to help you have the best skin of your life.  Each month I have openings for Complimentary 15-minute consultations ($49 Value).  During these consultations we briefly discuss your skin care issues and come up with a solution.  They are pressure-free and informative.  Take my free skin care analysis here.


Beauty Matters: “Discover the Art of Selfies”

Beauty Matters: “Discover the Art of Selfies”

Women are always asking me, “Dorothy-Inez, do you ever take a bad picture?”  The answer is, “Yes!”  like any other woman who has done a photoshoot, I used to go through tons of photos before I would finally   get to a “YES!”  After years of practice and thousands of photos, I can say I have mastered the Art of Selfies and being in front of the camera.  I have learned my best angles, which side I need to stand for a duo/group photo, how to use light and doing my makeup.  For many women, taking selfies seems some what vain and very uncomfortable.   Younger women don’t seem to have as much of a issue with selfies as women 35+ do. I really believe it has a lot to do with mindset and self-image.

As we get older, we become more critical and self-conscious.  Things just aren’t where they used to be so we become very uncomfortable in our skin.  This self criticism is often projected onto other women who feel great about themselves or think they look good one day and decides to share it.  What’s wrong with that?  It’s time to own your beauty!

Don’t get me wrong,  there is something to be said for women who constantly post pictures of themselves because, “yes” I know for a fact there is something deeper going on for some of those women but for the purpose of this message, I am speaking to women with a healthy self-image but they are holding back because they are afraid of being judged or they hold some limiting beliefs about beauty for themselves and others.

If you are an entrepreneur, speaker, author OR coach, you could be missing out on opportunities to connect with your audience.  If used appropriately, selfies can become a tool for branding and most of all CONNECTING.  People love to see YOU.  My experience tells me that I can post positive quotes all day long and get a few likes, BUT if I post a picture of myself the amount of likes doubles.  Why???  What that says, is people want to see/know me.  It is called FACEBOOK right? So why not show your face in YOUR community?  It’s like coming to a party with a bag over your head. Let people see YOU.

Selfies allow you to express yourself in different ways by showing your fashion sense, lifestyle, you in action and having fun with friends at an event or outing. No you don’t have to post your whole life, but share pieces of who you are with those that have “chosen” to be a part of your online community.  If you are the brand, selfies can be very valuable.  I am a Beauty Expert and Transformational Coach, so it only makes sense that when I show up online that I am the billboard for my work.  The same goes for you!  If you are a Wealth Coach but your profile photo shows you with outdated style and beauty, I cannot help but question the credibility of your brand.  Selfies allow you to keep your look current.  When you take a selfie, it should be created with your brand in mind so it speaks YOUR message when you post it.  You don’t want to post selfies just to post them….THAT can be considered vain and leave a negative perception.


Below are some tips I know will help you create beautiful photos that you can use for beautiful profile pictures and in your online marketing.

  1. Make sure you have good lighting. Before you snap that photo, hold your camera up in position and do a 360 degree circle to see where your best lighting it.  It will yield a lovely more younger you.  (smile)
  2. Hold the camera at about 45 degrees above your head, it helps you look slimmer and its an attractive angle.  I recommend investing in a selfie stick.  You can get one for $19.99 on Amazon that comes with a bluetooth clicker so you don’t have to worry about clicking the shutter yourself.  If you don’t want a selfie stick, you can use the timer on your phone and it will automatically click.
  3.  Make sure your hair and makeup are presentable if you are going to an event, pictures WILL be taken so be camera ready.  Unfortunately, if you wear too little makeup for photos, you will look like a blank canvas when the flash hits your face.  Wear a little extra blush, deeper lipstick and use a hydrating setting spray when you know you will be in photos.  MAKE SURE YOU BLEND….no “apple” cheeks please.

4.   Practice! Practice! Practice!  Get in front of a mirror!  Yes, it sounds crazy, I know but learn your facial features, best angles and how to SMILE. Learn not to over smile…find your most inviting smile.  As you become familiar with your UNIQUE BEAUTY you will take an awesome photo in only a couple of takes, I promise.

5.   My final tip is specifically for PROFILE PICS…your profile pic is your chance to make a great FIRST IMPRESSION.  Here are some Profile Pic Dont’s: Don’t look to the ground or side.  Don’t post pics of you with other people. Don’t post animals or cartoon characters. Don’t post OUTDATED pictures.   Don’t wear sunglasses.


All of the above “dont’s” can have a negative impact on your brand credibility and trust. 

“Profile pictures can cost you thousands in potential clients.” – Dorothy-Inez  

As an Image Consultant, the first thing I look at when someone sends me a Friend Request, the first thing I do is look at their pictures; current/past because they tell a story.  Pictures are worth a thousand words so make sure your photos are saying what you want them to say about you and your brand.

I hope you found these tips helpful.  Trust me, there’ s more!  I wanted to help get you started today!  This is one of the areas I train my clients around so they are empowered and confident enough to create some of their own branded photos without having to hire a photographer all the time.

You have a tool in the palm of your hand and a gift from God called beauty.   It’s time to use both to connect with the clients you are called to serve.