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3 Key Qualities that Attract Opportunity

3 Key Qualities that Attract Opportunity

“Opportunities and success are not something you go after necessarily but something you attract by becoming an attractive person.”  – Jim Rohn

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Why Do You Worry? You Have Everything You Need

I was reading my book called “The Voice of The Master” it's one of my favorite contemplative books. It helps me really connect with God. Tonight, I was reading from it and thought I would share some thoughts about worry.  I really want you to get down in your spirit...

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SPOTLIGHT ON SUCCESS: Living Life On Her Own Terms

MEET KIERRA JONES A WOMAN ON A MISSION Meet Kierra Jones, she is an Empowerment & Success Coach & Speaker to ambitious & passion driven women entrepreneurs who want to confidently & successfully shine in business. After a successful, but demanding...

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5 Inspirational Quotes that Will Transform Your Business

What is inspiration? Why does it have the ability to make us cry or reach our goals? Inspiration, is the one thing I cannot live without. The word inspiration comes from being “in spirit”. When we are “in spirit” we have the ability to feel more compassion for others...

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