See what   these  divine  beauties have to say!

Don’t just take it from me!  See what these ladies have to say about the transformation that took place for them while working with me.  I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that work I do with women around their beauty inside and out impacts EVERY area of their lives.

Dorothy-Inez has played an intricate role in my life. She has helped me effectively communicate my business brand and worth. Through her insights, direction on structuring my business messaging and service offerings, I am now able to clearly, concisely and confidently go into the marketplace with a business model that is understood by my ideal clients.

Teresa Springer

CEO, Seattle Fashion Week

Dorothy Inez Del Tufo is a powerful woman. After 7 years of just praying my conversation with Dorothy Inez Del Tufo helped me to see that I needed to put my faith into action. Our call gave me the peace and clarity I needed to see that was operating out of a place of fear. Prior to our conversation I felt paralyzed, stuck, and overwhelmed.

Since working with her I developed the courage to move from Savannah to Dallas to pursue my dreams, got a better paying job, doubled my rates for my photography business and live in a beautiful space.

I highly recommend her for those who need help deciding which direction to take in life and are tired of just waiting for an answer to fall out of the sky. Thank you, Dorothy Inez, for your time and giving of your mental energy to help me figure out my purpose and how to get to it!!

Candace Perry

Photographer/Graphic Designer

When it comes to helping you gain confidence to show up and shine in your calling Dorothy-Inez Del Tufo is the mentor for you. Her approach is intentional. She will give you the encouragement and accountability you need to move forward in your life and business. I was stuck in life with dreams to own my own business, become an author and to travel.

After hiring Dorothy-Inez, I was able to not only become an author, but I became an International Best-selling Author, created and launched my first program and I was able to travel to two places on my bucket list. London, England and Paris, France. If you are ready for the next level of you, Dorothy-Inez is sure to delivery.

Sanura Dean

Spiritual & Empowerment Coach

Dorothy-Inez is an incredible human being. She is the best confidence coach you will come across. She helped me connect with God, build my confidence to speak in front of others online and grow my client base as a new VA.. If it wasn’t for her I would have given up on myself and my business.

She believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself. She saw things in me that I couldn’t see in myself.  When she coaches you, she gives 110% of herself. She’s not only your coach/mentor, she’s your friend and sister. This woman is the real deal.

Faten Bazzi

Virtual Quality Solutions

Dorothy-Inez has been an amazing resource when it comes to inspiring and empowering female spirit-led entrepreneurs. She has helped me with my online presence in photos and video. Her coaching and workshops create transformation beyond compare.

She really helps you get grounded in your true identity which profoundly impacts your personal presence and confidence.  When it comes to stepping into your God-given purpose and owning your spotlight online and in video she is the go-to person.

Justina Ford

Mindset and Strategy Coach

I would highly recommend Dorothy-Inez’s course/coaching. She is a brilliant and loving caring person she really helps you step out of your comfort zone and gives you the confidence that you really need. She holds you accountable and makes you do the work.

So if you are ready to work hard and go through what she teaches you you definitely will be rewarded. Dorothy-Inez has definitely given me the confidence and has helped me to show up and learn to be The person God has intended me to be. Thank you so much for this Dorothy-Inez!

Penni Echols


When it comes to your image on social media, your presence in video & on stage – she has an eye to see your greatness inside and out. She truly is a master at uncovering the true you so you powerfully show up everyday online and in-person.  Her work has the transformative power to create long term success and impact of your business and clients; this is beyond priceless.

Kierra Jones

The Shine Strategist

Dorothy-Inez is a breath of fresh air. She is responsible for me finding my voice and speaking publicly.  She helped me claim my spotlight, she is the queen that has helped me step up my visibility game and do it the right way and with confidence. I now have a business that I am passionate and proud of. Any woman who works with her will be blessed.

Avia Grierson

Lifestyle and Business Transformation Leader

Dorothy-Inez is an incredible human being and confidence coach! She helped me identify God’s calling for my life and gave me tools to release fear and anxiety, which have held me hostage in the past. I am now able to focus on what is truly important in my life as well as pursue my desire of traveling and adventure seeking!

Through her 3 month coaching program, I transformed from a shy, insecure girl to a much more confident woman. I would highly recommend Dorothy-Inez to anyone, whether it’s to boost your business or your confidence in general. She’s your woman!

Megan LaCasse

Graduate Student

When started working with Dorothy-Inez, I was dabbling in my Real Estate business and working two other jobs.  I first signed up with her video course which shifted the way I showed up online, increased my visibility and my sales. Next, I signed up for one of her group coaching programs. It was during that program my confidence was elevated to the point that I quit my two jobs 6 months sooner than planned.  

This new found confidence led me to receiving a nomination for best new Real Estate Agent that year, my income doubled working only the job of my dreams and now, I am a Mentor for new Agents in less than a year. Then most recently, a year and a half later, I have hit the Million Dollar Club with my Agency.  All this would not have happened if I never did my inner work with Dorothy-Inez.  This work is the gift that keeps on giving.

I am constantly referring back and paying forward the knowledge I gained under the mentorship of Dorothy-Inez. She is a mentor that cares and holds you accountable to your word and commitments.

Rache Kayla

Real Estate Agent

When I first decided to register for Dorothy-Inez’s class, I was afraid of doing live video.  I struggled with being judged and having subjects to talk about that would keep my audience’s attention.  Dorothy-Inez helped change that. She taught me that doing videos was not about me, it’s about the people I am called to serve.

She gave me permission to be myself and freed me from my fear of being judged.  She helped me see that I have more content inside of me than I ever imagined, how to look and speak on camera to hold my viewer’s attention.

Since working with Dorothy-Inez, I am showing up more confidently in video, in fact, my first live video yielded me a brand new client who had only seen me in that video.  

I also got clarity about the value I bring to those I serve which has lead to tripling my rates and taking my business to the next level. Being apart of Dorothy-Inez’s video program was definitely a great investment.

Delia Joseph


I TOOK THE PLUNGE! My six week Dare to Be Courageous adventure with Dorothy-Inez was incredible. Prior to enrolling, I shared a lot of concerns I had about doing video – most of which had to do with the fact that I have a vocal disorder that presents itself in my voice showing up as less than a whisper on most days. Dorothy-Inez assured me she would “hold my hand” through the process, and would provide tough-love coaching and guidance if I was coaching and willing.

I took the plunge and haven’t looked back. She believes in you – even if you don’t. If you’re ready to take the leap of faith and start doing videos, even if you’re not sure what you’ll talk about, trust me, working with Dorothy-Inez s a smart investment and it’s worth every penny. 

Dortha Hise

Pretty Smart Virtual Services

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