Why What You Say Matters

by | Apr 11, 2021 | Uncategorized

Have you ever spoken unkindly to someone including yourself? What was the impact? Words are powerful; and when they are used to hurt someone, they can be devastating. The words you speak and what you say have a huge impact on you and others.  What you say matters!

Have you ever called yourself stupid, dumb, idiot? Have you berated yourself in front of the mirror because you may feel fat or unattractive? Every word you say is being processed by your subconscious mind and it begins to seep into your conscious self and the feelings of self-worth begin to dissipate.

What you say ultimately reflects what you believe. If you say , “I’m not a good coach,” you will never experience the success you long to achieve. You are literally setting up to fail before you ever begin. When you begin a thought or a sentence with a negative word, your expectations can never be realized.

This holds true when you speak negatively to someone. While you may apologize, the words have already been spoken; you can’t take them back. The person on the receiving end of the insult may take it to heart and the impact to their soul can last forever. We live in a world where words are used to attack, bully, embrace, nurture, disengage, provoke or inspire its our choice. When we choose to use language to tear down others up, we not only hurt them, we hurt ourselves because we are not operating from our Highest nature.

It is important to realize the affect words. Whether you mean to say them or not, they can transform the very essence of who you are. Children are especially vulnerable to words. Yet, adults often use unkind and insensitive words as a disciplinary measure. Eventually, they grow up with low self-esteem and confidence, feel unworthy of love and worst of all repeat those behaviors with their own children.

The next time you speak, think about your words; choose them wisely when speaking to others. Understand that one word can positively or negatively affect someone’s life; even your own.

What impact have your words had on your success? I’d love to hear from you. Email me at info@dorothyinez.com